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Raise funds for your charity on a fantastic Kilimanjaro charity climb

A Kilimanjaro climb for charity is a life-changing experience. You will come back with tales of excitement, exhaustion, anguish and doubt but more than anything a huge feeling of pride at your achievement. A Kilimanjaro climb will challenge you physically, mentally and emotionally.  This is a challenge is just waiting for someone like you. Why not sign up today for the charity challenge of a lifetime?

Why choose Mount Kilimanjaro Routes to help you climb Kilimanjaro for charity?

We have no pre-set minimum fundraising before you can do your Kilimanjaro charity climb so that you do not have to commit to raising huge sums of money from your friends and family. Each group agrees its own fundraising criteria: you pay the lowest price to climb Kilimanjaro we can offer and all the rest of your supporter’s money goes to your charity

We have no pre-set arbitrary rules on how you fund the climb-you can decide what is best for you

To help you get started on your way to raising funds for your favourite charity we have reduced our booking deposit for all charity climbers to only £200pp. Just pay your deposit, get your guaranteed date and you are off.

You can climb Kilimanjaro for any charity of your choosing with Mount Kilimanjaro Routes. You just need to book your climb and let the charity know what you are planning to do and off you go.

Key to our approach for Kilimanjaro charity climbs is that the whole of your climb will be tailor-made to your requirement. You can choose to have a private climb just for your group or climb Kilimanjaro with other like-minded people trying to raise funds for charity. Choice of routes, length of climb, dates to start a climb: all of your personal choices can be put together into a custom made trip.

Most “Charity Challenge” are actually charging a premium price for the Kilimanjaro climb they provide and so more of your sponsor’s money goes in costs. Our pricing for all Kilimanjaro climbs is 100% transparent: we give you our very best prices and everything else you raise goes to charity.

If you are unable to go on your charity challenge climb for whatever reason and have to cancel you will have a full refund of the deposit you paid and you will be able to return all the monies donated by sponsors.

Mount Kilimanjaro Routes operates to the highest standards of responsible travel. We are members of Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project, which works to ensure all porters are treated well: we support the Leave no Trace rules so that Kilimanjaro is not spoiled for future climbers; we make a donation to a local children’s home for every climber and we create well-paid employment in Tanzania.

Safety is the highest priority on all our Kilimanjaro climbs. We maintain detailed risk assessments in line with the best international health and safety practices. Your guides to climbing Kilimanjaro are all trained in first aid and we have well-rehearsed evacuation procedures in case of emergency.

As well as the support you will receive through your charity, we provide downloadable templates to help you promote your climb and PR support to help you with the fundraising challenge. For fantastic ideas for fundraising have a look here.

Climbing Kilimanjaro for charity is the experience of a lifetime: climbers return exhausted but exhilarated with the most fantastic memories of fun, friendship, hardship and achievement.

And every year more and more climbers choose Mount Kilimanjaro Routes Routes to organise their Kilimanjaro challenge. As well as organising a great Kilimanjaro climb we offer these special features that you won’t find elsewhere.

  • We provide expert advice to help you plan your challenge
  • You can climb for any charity you choose with 100% flexibility on fundraising
  • You can choose whether you join an open group or have your own private climb
  • There is no minimum fundraising target to meet before you can join a climb
  • You pay an extra-low deposit of £100 per person to book your climb

Booking direct with the operator means you get great prices as there is no middle-man so even more of the money that you raise goes to your chosen charity.

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