Climb Kilimanjaro on a custom made family climb

Climbing Kilimanjaro is one of the world’s great adventure challenges. Unlike other of the world’s great mountains though, reaching Kilimanjaro’s peak is within the reach of everyone who is reasonably fit whether young or old making it perfect for an amazing family adventure.

Kilimanjaro family climbs

Why book to climb Kilimanjaro with us as a family?

Key to our approach for Kilimanjaro family climbs is that the whole of your climb will be tailor-made to your requirement. You will have a private climb just for your family with your choice of routes, length of climb and dates: all of your personal choices can be put together into a custom made trip.

Helping groups summit Mount Kilimanjaro safely is central to everything we do and to give groups the very best chance of successfully climbing Kilimanjaro we directly control every aspect of climbs ourselves. This includes choosing every guide, selecting the very best kit and supervising all the food menus. We can do this as we are operators, not agents. We never sub-contract a group’s safety and enjoyment to someone else.

Safety is the highest priority on all our Kilimanjaro climbs. We maintain detailed risk assessments in line with the best international health and safety practices. Your guides to climbing Kilimanjaro are all trained in first aid and we have well-rehearsed evacuation procedures in case of emergency.

Mount Kilimanjaro Routes operates to the highest standards of responsible travel. We are members of Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project, which works to ensure all porters are treated well: we support the Leave no Trace rules so that Kilimanjaro is not spoiled for future climbers; we make a donation to a local children’s home for every climber and we create well-paid employment in Tanzania.

Our reputation for delivering high quality, safe and enjoyable climbs is second to none. Check out our testimonials to see what clients say.

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