Tents we use for your Kilimanjaro climb

Sleeping tents for Mount Kilimanjaro

Sleeping accommodation on Kilimanjaro

On all routes except Marangu, we use official campsites, using four-season Mountain Hardwear Trango 3 tents. These spacious tents are designed for 3 people and with only 2 people sharing there’s plenty of room for everyone and your gear too.  Do remember though that these are mountain tents, made to withstand adverse weather conditions and keep you warm, dry and comfortable. They are not like the kind of tent you might see at home where you can stand up and walk around!

Dining accommodation on Kilimanjaro

We use either MSR Boardroom tents or for smaller groups a really strong ridge tent as a dining room on the mountain where you can enjoy your meals in warmth and comfort. It is also a great place to hang out after a day on the trail.  In the mess tent, you will find you have both a table and a comfy chair with arms!

With a headroom of 2m in both tents, even the tallest climbers will feel at home and the tough, waterproof fabrics provide the strength to stand up to even the worst of storms.

Kilimanjaro dining tents

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