Kilimanjaro tipping money

Tipping on your Kilimanjaro climb

Tipping is a universal custom on Kilimanjaro and on safari and has always constituted a significant proportion of a guide or porter’s salary. This is the same for all operators, We pay our staff well and ensure that they have a consistent volume of work throughout the year.

However, our crew still rely on tips as a means of supplementing their wages and are generally rewarded very generously by grateful climbers. We are often asked for guidelines for recommended tipping amounts.

For a trek for two people over 6 days a normal crew would comprise 1 x lead guide, 1 x assistant guide, 1 x cook and 5 – porters. Below is a general guide that will enable you to work out the likely level of tips you should anticipate for your climb.

  • Lead guide: $15/day
  • Assistant guide: $12/day
  • Porters: $8/day (for each porter)
  • Cook: $12/day

These recommendations are based on the guidelines of the local porter protection groups.

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