Are you looking for a really unique adventure? Try sleeping in Crater Camp on Mount Kilimanjaro, at 5730 metres it stands on the Roof of Africa and is an incredible wilderness environment. If you have experience at altitude and love something challenging then sleeping overnight in Kilimanjaro’s Crater is a fantastic option.

Crater Camp, Kilimanjaro

  • Fantastic option for the experienced and adventurous climber
  • Allows climbers to “walk high, sleep low” enabling better acclimatisation
  • Daytime summit ascent avoids the midnight rush to Uhuru Peak.
  • Witness the spectacular sunset and sunrise from the crater rim.

You get completely away from the crowds and almost invariably will be the only group stopping in the Crater. Adding in the Crater Camp option has lots of attractions. To begin with you do not need to join the mad midnight rush up to the summit but can instead walk up normally during the day with the trail almost exclusively to yourself. At the summit there are no crowds, so you have time to stop and take in the view and atmosphere.

Staying overnight in Crater Camp also gives you time to visit Kilimanjaro’s remaining glaciers and take a tour of the ash pit at the heart of Kilimanjaro’s volcano. And the next morning you only have a short walk to the rim of the Crater so you can make sure to be there to see the sunrise.

The Crater Camp option though does pose a serious challenge to acclimatisation and should only be undertaken by those who have acclimatised well. Most climbers on Kilimanjaro suffer from some signs of altitude sickness but they go down quickly before the problems become serious. If you sleep overnight in Crater Camp you do not have this safety margin.

To manage this risk we only offer the Crater Camp option on the 8 day Machame, 9 day Lemosho and 10 day Northern Circuit routes as the acclimatisation on other routes is insufficient. Also we summit first and spend time there before dropping down into the crater to sleep following the golden rule of acclimatisation, ‘climb high, sleep low’.

You should also be aware that amongst those requesting to spend a night in Kilimanjaro’s crater, some climbers change their minds while on the mountain after consulting with the guide and agreeing that they have failed to obtain a sufficiently safe level of acclimatisation for this option. Remember always, sleeping in Crater Camp is optional: getting down safely is mandatory.

Private climbs only on all Crater Camp routes.Lemosho Route, Mount Kilimanjaro

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