The Northern Circuit is one of the longest and best routes on Kilimanjaro, with nearly 360 degrees of stunning scenery, including the calm, seldom frequented northern slopes. The Northern Circuit is the longest route on Kilimanjaro, with the longest acclimatization period and the greatest summit success rate. As a result, the Northern Circuit is highly recommended.

Mount Kilimanjaro is approached from the west, with a brief drive from Moshi, the closest town to Mount Kilimanjaro to Londorossi Gate. The first two days of the walk are spent traveling through the jungle to Shira Ridge before reaching the Shira Plateau. The trail then proceeds north, circumnavigating the mountain clockwise from Moir Hut to Buffalo Camp to School Hut, finally summiting from the east. The Mweka path is taken to descend.

Northern Circuit Highlights

  • The “Grand Traverse” of Kilimanjaro from west to east.
  • An excellent route to climb Kilimanjaro with a high success rate
  • It is by far the quietest and remote route taking you away from the crowds
  • Allows climbers to “walk high, sleep low” enabling better acclimatization

About the Northern Circuit Route

The newly introduced Northern Circuit route deserves its billing as the “grand traverse” of Kilimanjaro from west to east.  It is by far the quietest and remote route taking you on a circumnavigation of Kilimanjaro far away from the crowds. It offers a very high summit success rate due to its longer walk in which helps to improve acclimatization.

The Northern Circuit route starts at 2360m on the far west of Kilimanjaro. It traverses through the rainforest, where the wild game may be seen, continuing up to Shira Ridge, Kilimanjaro’s third summit. From here you will ascend and cross the expansive Shira Plateau with fantastic views of Shira Cathedral.  It then turns north and works around the remote northern slopes of Kilimanjaro overlooking Kenya and the famous Amboseli National Park.

The descent is via the Mweka trail, making a more interesting climb. Most climbers who are fit and well-acclimatized take 9 days to climb Kilimanjaro by the Northern Circuit route.

Open group climbs are available on this route. Northern Circuit Kilimanjaro

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Northern Circuit Route

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