Climb Mount Kilimanjaro to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary

Kilimanjaro birthdaysbirthday cake on KilimanjaroEvery year climbers from around the world decide that they want to climb Kilimanjaro to celebrate their birthday. From the youngest Brit to ever climb Kilimanjaro, who summitted on his 12th birthday, to a 70-year-old American, all have summitted safely with our help.

Key to our successful birthday trips is that they are completely bespoke, custom made climbs where everything is done exactly as you want when you want.

From the moment we pick you up at the airport to when we drop you off all of our team will work to make sure your Kilimanjaro climb is a life-changing experience.

We particularly recommend the 7 day Machame route or the 8-day Lemosho route for birthday celebrations as these have the highest success rate and getting to the top is even more important.
For the really adventurous why not think about sleeping in Crater Camp on the roof of Africa. This really is a unique experience!!

And after your climb don’t miss the incredible wildebeest migration or Ngorongoro crater. We offer both open and private safaris to see the wilderness migration and private safaris to all the parks in the North of Tanzania.

Or maybe chill out on Zanzibar, a tropical paradise perfect for relaxing before flying home. After just a short flight from Kilimanjaro, you could be capping your celebration enjoying a cold drink looking out over Zanzibar’s stunning white sands.

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